Walk in Mondays for individuals or small groups!

No reservation required, but you must arrive at 6:30!  Sign sizes available as shown in the class date below.  First come first serve.  Children ages 8 and up can attend with an adult!
We are not taking reservations for the Monday night classes.  Please make a reservation for a regular custom creations class (see calendar) if you have a group larger than 6. Once the class is full, we can't take any more people that night. Studio only fits 16 people in one class.
Designs can be customized at the class (your name, your state, quote, etc.) but need to remain fairly simple like the examples below.  Please save intricate designs for a class in which you have a reservation and therefore submit your design 4-5 days in advance.

Jan 15th 6:30 pm

3. 3' x 7" sign ($35)
1. 18" x18" Round Wall hanging ($45) or Tray with handles ($55)
2. 16" X 16" square ($40)

Jan 22nd 6:30 pm

2. 3' x 10" Home Decor Sign ($55)
1. 2' x 17" Quote board ($50)
3. 2' x 7" Jewelry Board or Small quote board ($30)

Jan 29th 6:30 pm

1. 2' x 17" Framed Quote board ($55)
1. 2' x 7" Small Framed Quote board ($35)