How It Works

Signing Up For a Custom Stenciled Creation Class

1. Take a look at the calendar under the Classes / Calendar Tab

2. Find a class time that has seats open.

3. Email us including your phone number to let us know you want to reserve your spot(s).

4. We will answer your email and place the spots on hold for you for 24 hours.

5. Check with your group to come up with a firm number of participants and place your deposit under the deposit tab to confirm your reservation.

5. We will send you a confirmation email with a form for each participant to fill out before the submission deadline date (date in which we need all your choices).

6. Browse our custom creations tab to pick one of our creations (they are numbered), and do some thinking about what you want to put on it (text, silhouette images, states, names, etc.).  

7. Complete the form before the submission deadline.

8.That's it! Time to get really excited about your custom creation class!

We get to work preparing for your class!

Once we know what you want to make, we get to work!  Since every creation is different we use our computer program to make a custom fit stencil for your creation.  Then we have a special machine that makes your design into a sticker stencil.  We use a technique called weeding and masking to get the sticker ready for easy application.  We also build all of the boards ourselves with hammers, nails, saws, glue, etc. so they are ready for you to distress, stain, and paint them in our class!  We then put our logo and any hardware necessary for hanging projects on the back.

During the class

1. Grab an apron and find your spot

2. Listen to the overview instructions 

3. Pick out your paint and stain colors

4. Get Crafting your Creation! We will teach/show/assist you in the following steps:​

Distressing using three techniques (best part!)


Applying the stencil

Applying the paint


Touch ups

Assistance adding any hardware included on your creation (handles)

5. Take a photo and hashtag it using #jaebirdscreations

6. Pay using credit card or cash

7. Tell all your friends about us and come see us again soon!