Does my whole group have to do the same project?

No. That is one of the many beauties of Jae Bird's!   In our custom stenciled creations classes each participant can choose any of our creations but will have to provide us with all details ahead of time!

Do I need a reservation?

For our custom stenciled creations class, yes. For open studio, no. 


****Check out our availability under the classes tab!

What are my options?

Please look under our custom creations tab to see all of our available wood creations for our scheduled classes.   Then come up with what you want it to say and what font you like (options under font tab). You will input all of this info. in the custom form we forwarded to the host to pass along to each participant in the group. ***We cannot do anything trademarked. Ie: logo’s, etc.

Open Studio options are under the open studio tab.


What should I wear?

Although our creations are not extremely messy, we provide you with aprons to wear during your class.  We do use paints and stains that could stain your clothing, so please use your best judgment.  

Can I do more than one creation in a class?

Most likely!  Sometimes you just can't decide and need both - we get it!  

Just send in two forms!  We will let you know if we think you are biting off more than you can chew.;)

Do people tip the creative instructors?

Tipping is such a personal matter but we get asked this question quite often.  We pay our creative instructors an hourly wage to give you step by step instructions.  They do often go above and beyond to help crafters get their piece "just right".  If you feel they were especially helpful to you, there is an option to leave a tip on our IPad when you check out.  We appreciate your generosity!

How long are the classes?

The custom stenciled creations class takes approximately 2-2.5 hours depending on the creations chosen and the number of participants.  

Open studio crafts can typically be completed in 1-2 hours.

How far in advance of the class does Jae Bird's need to know my creation choice & design details?

 We will give your group a submission deadline when we send out the confirmation/custom form.  Since all the painting is done with a stencil at the class, we need to have time to get your stencil ready.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since our custom stenciled creations classes are by reservation only, cancellations cannot be filled by walk in business.  We understand that life gets in the way of fun events sometimes, and are happy to offer you a variety of cancellation options.  Please view them under the cancellations tab.

Are kids allowed?

If you book a private event (10 or more participants), children of any age are welcome.  For our blue dot classes, participants need to be 14 or older.  Our yellow dot classes are open to children 5 and up.


More questions?

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