Cancellation Options

Cancellation Policy: Everything we do is by reservation due to our customization options.  If you cannot make the class that you are signed up for and it is less than 3 weeks away, it is very likely we won't be able to fill your seat.  We understand that things come up and so we are happy to provide you with a variety of cancellation options below: 


Option 1:  Find someone to take your spot!  If you realize before your class's submission deadline that you can't make it, let the host (the person in your group who booked your party) know your friend, daughter, sister, neighbor, etc. is going to come instead! Forward them the form that you won't be using to fill out and submit before the deadline.  If the submission deadline has passed please use another cancellation option as we won't have time to create custom materials.

Option 2: We can complete your creation for you!  We would be happy to accept your payment by phone and complete your creation for you - no extra cost! Please email us ahead of time and we can call you to take payment or send payment with a friend.

Option 3:  Reschedule with us!  Find a time to come in on our calendar within 30 days of the original class date.  If someone else booked for you go ahead and make the deposit yourself to assure we can refund them their original deposit.  This must be arranged before your class occurs to be a viable option.  You can only reschedule one time.

Option 4: Forfeit the $10/person deposit that will be used to cover the cost of your custom materials that we cannot reuse, the seat we cannot fill, and the staff we allocated for this class.  The person who booked for your group put $10 per person deposit down to reserve your spot.  If you have not already done so, please reimburse them.

****If you need to cancel your class and it is more than 3 weeks away, you can cancel without using one of these options.****